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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Are you bluish? You don't look bluish!

Aviad will be bar mitzvah next February and we have been working together on learning his Torah portion, Parshat Teruma (Exodus 25,1 – 27,19). One of the first questions to come up was, what exactly is the "blue" (תכלת) mentioned in chapter 25 verse 4, which is also used for making Tzitzit — except that it isn't, and hasn't been for over 1,000 years, because nobody knows the correct dye to use.


With a little googling we discovered the website of P'til Tekhelet, and today we went on a tour of the factory. I understand from the articles on the website that the identification of the murex with tekhelet is still controversial, but I'm convinced. From now on, I will be wearing my blue thread with pride and joy. I'm not a huge Zionist, but it is a huge privilege to be living in a Jewish country at a time and place where something like this that was thought lost for ever has been rediscovered.

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