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Saturday, September 18, 2004

For calendar geeks

Hat-tip to Avraham Bronstein for the link to “How is this year different from all other years?” Sample quotation:

This year 5765 is the only year in all of history whose “keviut” (year-type determination) involves dechiyyat BeTU-TaKPaT at the end of the year, and whose Pesach falls on April 24.

The "exercise for the reader" in section M.7 has been bothering me: "There is one other situation [apart from Shushan Purim on Shabbat] where the same haftara can be read on two consecutive Shabbatot. Figure out what it is." The only answer I can think of is rather contrived: an ethnically mixed congregation does Sephardi and Ashkenazi readings on alternate weeks, and so reads "ועמי תלואים למשובתי" for Parshat Vayyetze on a Sephardi week, and then reads it again for Parshat Vayyishlah on Ashkenazi week.

Oh, cripes. Now this is going to bother me all afternoon. I certainly know there are situations where two different Torah readings have the same haftarah (Noach/Ki Tetze, Behaalotcha/Hanukkah), plus there's obviously the Rosh Chodesh and fast-day haftarot, but none of those can remotely be consecutive, can they?

I am not a calendar geek, really, but I have aspirations. :)  
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