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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Two Rebbetzins

Welcome Renegade Rebbetzin, a rising star in the blogosphere, and talking of rebbetzins, check out an article in Ha'aretz about an old friend of mine, Amichai Lau-Lavi.

1. unless it's intentional, you have a spelling error in the hebrew name of your blog. it should be על הא ודא.
2. it seems like your post are much more religion and faith since you're back in israel. i'm interested to know why?

tsahi asher  
Thanks for pointing out the spelling mistake, Tsahi. As for your second question, it beats me. I just write about what's on my mind, and there could be a lot of reasons why religion has been more on my mind (if it has: I think I always wrote about religion a fair proportion of the time): it could be the move back to Israel itself, or it could be having a bar-mitzvah to plan.  
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